Payroll Accounting Service

Payroll accounting is time consuming and high-risk work. By outsourcing company payroll accounting, you can save your time to concentrate on the ordinary business, and do not need to worry about sudden illness or leaving of responsible staff.

Benefits of outsourcing the Payroll Accounting Service

Concentration on core business
It is possible to save precious time and concentrate your resources to the core business to enhancing effectiveness and efficiency of works.
Leave or absence of the responsible staff
There is no need to worry about monthly payment when the responsible staff leaves the office and there is insufficient time to handover work to the successor; or when there is maternity leave or sick leave during payroll calculation period.
Prevention of confidential information leakage
It will prevent salary information leakage among the staff. Our company will manage your payroll data confidentially.
Payroll calculations based on the local labour law
We will calculate the payment for injuries and sickness, maternity leave, or annual leave buy-out, abiding to the local labour laws.
Support by Japanese staff
Any question on payroll accounting will be answered by our Japanese staff.

Flow of the Payroll Accounting Service

  1. Hearing
  2. Quotation / Agreement
  3. Attendance data collection
  4. Payroll calculations
  5. Prepare document for MPF monthly report
  6. Deliver Payroll statements
  7. Answering further questions

※Hong Kong: Employment tax calculation simulation →HERE
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Mainland China salary accounting, personal income tax declaration, and social insurance clerical procedure services are provided by the NAC Meinan (China) Holdings Ltd. (