Labour Consultation Service

Many different problems may arise when recruiting new staff, employee retirement, termination of contract and so on. To avoid any labour related troubles in a company, it is imperative to improve office regulations, employment contracts and various internal rules. By sharing with everyone in the office, it is possible to substantially decrease unnecessary cost and time consumed for trouble shooting. We compose and revise office regulations, employment contracts and various internal rules according to the Hong Kong employment ordinances, related laws and customs. Also, we provide comprehensive support on daily labour management, labour troubles resolving advice and so on. Please feel free to contact us.

Labour Consultation

Consultation on Hong Kong labour law and related laws.
Consult on resolving and improving daily labour management problems such as termination of employment contract, annual leave buy out, sickness or maternity leave.

Composing and revising office regulations, employment contract, company internal rules

  • Free consultation and advice from our professional staff
  • Simple examination of the current regulation
  • Formulating employment contract, office regulations, and various regulation/requirements according to the Hong Kong employment ordinance and related laws, and customs
  • Reflecting the company’s particular corporate culture, management philosophy, and management policies
  • Done in English. As option, we provide Japanese translated copy

Document composing flow

Understanding and analyzing the present state of your company. Reviewing the current regulations and clarification of the conditions to be implemented.
Check list delivery
Sending a check list of necessary documents and information to be submitted.
Draft delivery
Preparing the draft according to the information received, and delivery.
Amendments and adjustments
After acknowledgement to the employees, implementing any opinion or requests to the second draft. Delivery of the second draft.
Final delivery
After finishing all amendments, the final draft will be delivered. We will continue to support after new regulations are in operation.

※Depending on the size of the content, final delivery period will vary. Individual consultation is necessary.

For office regulations, employment contracts, various internal rules, work permit, and resident permit within mainland China, the NAC Meinan (China) Holdings Ltd. ( will provide services.